• HOLT RENFREW is a registered trade-mark owned by Holt Renfrew & Co., Limited. Only Holt Renfrew & Co., Limited, or those expressly authorized by Holt Renfrew & Co., Limited, have the right to use and/or display the HOLT RENFREW trade-mark or any trade-mark or trade name confusingly similar thereto. By ordering any label bearing the trade-mark HOLT RENFREW through Laven Industries Ltd. (hereinafter "Labels"), the purchaser agrees that all such Labels will be affixed only to clothing and/or accessories that are delivered to Holt Renfrew & Co., Limited, or an authorized representative of Holt Renfrew & Co., Limited, for ultimate retail sale by Holt Renfrew & Co., Limited (hereinafter the "Approved Channel of Use"). It is agreed by the purchaser of the Labels that any copying or imitation of the Labels and/or the trade-mark HOLT RENFREW and/or any use of the Labels outside of the Approved Channel of Use is strictly forbidden and would constitute an infringement of the exclusive rights of Holt Renfrew & Co., Limited.
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